How to Craft Club Blog!

Welcome to Craft Club! The number one rule of craft club is to blog about your experiences!

Let’s share our creations and what we’ve learned, together 🙂


So, how do I get started I hear you ask. Well, it’s easy! Follow these easy steps –

1. First you need to create a blog. I suggest you use because it’s really easy to use and has heaps of pretty and free templates to use. Create one now! Try to give it a catchy or funny name or something plain old boring if  you must.

2. Find inspiration for your first craft project which you will be blogging about. Don’t forget to provide a link to the original website or image of where the idea originated (it’s kind of like our bibliography as we go and a props to the OG artist).

I get lots of inspiration from (beware – this site is very addictive) or I just google craft ideas. Sometimes a general topic can be helpful to google, such as ‘macrame’.

3. Figure out how to actually create that item in case you want to double check the information from the OG (original gangsta). You can check other craft websites or You should note the steps on your blog or you can just note them somewhere else, it’s up to you!

4. This is when you actually make the craft item! Take photos along the way so you can add them to your blog. Remember – it’s ok to make mistakes! Who ever gets things perfectly the first time anyway, right?

5. Now that you’ve made it, blog about it! Start a new post and write in plain English what you wanted to achieve, where you got the idea from (link to the OG), how it went, and a photo of your achievement.

Now that you’ve finished one craft club item you can move onto the next one! You can try the same thing again, this time with adjustments, or start a new project!

Good luck, you crafty creatures you!


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